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During the last financial year we aimed to open up a new branch to add more value to RSB. However our effort was not successful due to unavoidable circumstances. During the current financial year we have planned to open up a new branch in Galle to fulfill our customer’s requirement and as well as the shareholders expectation. usa online pharmacy viagra

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To be the most innovative, aggressive finance solutions provider in the finance business, we are planning to expand our lending in the fishing, handicrafts & tourism sectors and the required promotion campaigns have already been initiated.

  • Attract new investors

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As you all aware, due to non-availability of deposit license we are not in a position to acquire public deposits and as a result, our lending has been restricted to the available funds and also to the funds at a higher cost. Comparing with the last year we have doubled our profit in this year and hopefully that will attract the new investors as we have proven and emphasized our capability in handling the transactions in a profitable manner.

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Create & maintain highly qualified, professionals and dedicated work force and a successful HR management system.

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