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RSBL is mainly focused on the people in the southern province. – it especially covers Galle, Matara & Hambantota Districts. According to the level of income and social economic conditions of the provinces, RSBL will set a plan to uplift those levels of the people, based on the Grama Niladari Divisions and AGA Divisions.

We mainly focus on low income level families in the Grama Nildari divisions to provide self employment opportunities to raise their standard. We expect to identify and categorize micro and SME’s based on their resources. For an example our company is planning to grant credit facility from the small scale micro level up to the medium scale level.

Details of our main object to expand the business and branch networks are as follows.

According to our Business Model, we expect to appoint agents in AGA Divisions to coordinate all instructional activities. The role of the Group coordination officers as follows.

· Collect all data through Grama Niladari Divisions

· Analyze the data with the company and develop an area plan ventolin nebulisation dosage

· Appoint one coordinator for each and every AGA Division

· The coordinator should link with the nearest branch credit disbursements and other business activities. cialis 20 mg 2 tablets

· Reduction of the cost and other overhead expenditures using the above strategies

· We can accelerate the business process, time consuming and cost reductions

· The branch should manage the cash handling and other authorizations. We don’t won’t to decentralize cash handling and other authorization

Accordingly, we can reduce the cost, and accelerate the process and increase the customer profitability.

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